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Flash problems with Chrome

Lots of posts about Chrome and Flash issues on PC when logging into Arlo portal....cannot view live feed because Flash needs to be updated and even though updates applied, same update message. So many questions about this and so many are listed as SOLVED...this is NOT solved and you posting as solved with no ability to respond is terrible customer service. Why should we as customers in 2019 have to work so hard to get your user portal to work correctly? We don't have to do this hoop-jumping for the other dozen more user portals. If your product continues to require Flash in the next year, I will be going back to Best Buy and replacing Arlo with something else. Two years of this crap is enough. Close THIS as solved.
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Re: Flash problems with Chrome

Have you tried contacting customer support regarding this issue? I have attached the link here for you - Arlo Tech Support

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Re: Flash problems with Chrome

This is a freaking joke.
Here's what I have to go through EVERY TIME.
- Open Arlo in Chrome, then "Log In".
- Get hit with the banner prompt "A newer version of Adobe Flash Player is required. Please install the latest version from here." It's already installed, it's always been installed, and updated, repeatedly, for months.
- OK, click through that and get the popup saying " wants to Run Flash. Allow or Block."
- Click Allow.
- Webpage redraws all the way back to "Log In" again
- OK, so log in a second time.
- Finally, I get to my devices view and click on "Library"
- Then I get hit with another nag prompt "Cloud storage keeps all your clips secure. Sign Up Now"

I have to go through this same stupid, repetitive and completely unnecessary procedure every freaking time I open the Arlo app in Chrome.
Get your together people, and hire some actual programmers from this century.

As it is right now, it appears you've employed a team of code writers whose best skills are when they start pounding on their keyboards with open palms like a bunch of banana-deprived, sh*t-faced chimpanzees on crack.

I'm *this close" to ripping this system out and scrapping it.

I wouldn't dare try to sell it to some poor, unsuspecting rube.


Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
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