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Experience with Arlo support

Not sure why my previous post disappeared... Post again:

I want to share my experience with Arlo support here and hope some managers can see this and improve.

On 11/12/2018, I contacted Arlo support and reported the batteries drain fast problem of two of my Arlo cameras, the support engineer cannot be sure if it's a battery problem or camera problem, and he agree to trigger RMA to replace both the two new cameras and batteries considering they are still in warranty. So far so good.

On 11/24/2018, I received the Fedex package. After opening it, I was very unhappy for three reasons:

1. They charged me $16.9 for each camera's delivery fee, but in fact they came in one package, why charge twice?

2. There was no battery in the package

3. The cameras were used

On the same day, I contacted Arlo support again, and here I want to give very positive feedback to Ranz A (the support engineer). He admitted that the first support engineer forgot to inform me that the replacement are all re-manufactured cameras, and they forgot to send the batteries to me, thus he would try to correct that by negociating with his manager. It was thanksgiving, I told him that I apprieciate his attitude and I don't want him to handle any pressure from his manager, so I proposed a solution to him that I can live with the re-manufactured cameras, and I can even by batteries from BestBuy to make them work, as a compensation, I don't have to send the broken cameras back (I thought I need to pay for the delivery fee at that moment). I was suprised that he insisted on requesting two brand new cameras for me, and also send me the batteries. Of course this is better for me, but obviously it's more work for him.
Then we spent quite a long time to figure out which cameras need to send back first, the ones I recieved or the broken ones...

The support experience I had with Arlo support engineers has been very good, expecially thumbs up for Ranz, but the RMA process is really complicated, extremely inefficient for both customers and support engineers.

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Experience with Arlo support



Thanks for the feedback, I will pass this along to the support management team.



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