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Customer Service

Is Arlo management pursuing ways to improve customer service and product support? I am 24 hours into owning an Arlo product and already having problems with the system that probably should have already been resolved.
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Re: Customer Service

What issues are you having?

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Re: Customer Service

Trouble with Mode feature in the App.  Sometimes it is there, sometimes it is not.  I see many comments on the subject.  I would think Arlo would come up with a solution other than uninstall and reinstall everything.  It sounds like a software problem.  If I put a camera on the roof of my house, I can't climb up there every week to re-sync with my base.  I understand Arlo does not charge a user fee for the App or monthly service fee for basic, but for the amount we pay for the cameras and equipment, I would think the cost of equipment covers product, product development, and application management.


Thank you.

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Re: Customer Service

You're saying the Mode tab is missing from the app sometimes? There was an issue with that back in the beginning of 2018, but it has long since been fixed. I've seen no reports of that issue lately. One thing to note, when you open the app, be sure to wait for everything to load first (can take 10-15 seconds). If you try to go to another tab, especially the Mode tab, before it loads, then it never will until you close the app and reopen. The Mode tab and it's information is pulled from your account on the Arlo server and it takes a few seconds to load it. Nature of a cloud based system.... lag.


You also mentioned resyncing cameras. Are you having cameras go offline?

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