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Connection issue after install new modem and google wifi

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hi, here are the arlo products I have:

1. original Arlo Pro wireless base + 4 Arlo Pro wireless camera + 1 Arlo Pro2 wireless camera

2. xfinity ISP with xfinity equipment with 250mbps service

The OLD setup I have was on xfinity modem + wireless router, I connected one LAN port to a network switch port as in, and then connect my Arlo base to one of the switch port.  Everything has been working great since day one with this configuration.

Today, I replaced the xfinity cable modem + wireless router with my own new purchased equpiment:

1. new motorola cable modem (with no wireless router.  it is just a modem only).

2. google wifi


so the configuration I have now is:

I connect google wifi directly with the cable modem.  And then I connect the google wifi to a network 8 port switch.  I check on my internet speed, all the wifi devices (Macbook Pro, iphones...etc) all get 250+mbps (tested on, while 3 of my desktops that connected to the switch ports, are getting ~98mbps.  My guess is because my 10+ years old switch is 10/100, and I need to get the 10/100/1000 replacement to get my LAN speed up to date.  Other than that, everything seems to be working perfect.   And my Arlo base is connected to the switch.

However, when I check on my Arlo connections via, or via my iOS app. One of the camera is disconnected.  And the other four, they kept giving me connection timeout.  They were all working fine before my hardwares change.  I've also tried to turn off all cameras and then turn them back on, but it doesn't change anything.

Wondering if anyone who also uses Google Wifi has the same or similar experience as I am?  Just wondering if I've done anything wrong? 

Guru Guru

No Google WiFi here but where is the switch/base plugged into the network - the main router or a satellite? If a satellite, try connecting to the router for testing purposes.

I have the same problem, vmb4000 is connected to the goggle Wifi it just happened yesterday, before no problem.