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Cant connect to base station

We just bought a house that came with an Arlo Pro system. I am trying to connect the base station to my app to add a new device. I followed the instructions by plugging the ethernet cord to the back of my internet and that still doesn't work. I get a searching for device but then nothing happens. Any ideas? What troubleshooting can i do?

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Re: Cant connect to base station

A couple of big things:


1) What are the LEDs on te base showing? Should be power and Internet green and Camera off or solid amber. If the Camera LED is green, try holding the reset button until the LEDs flash amber. Let the base reboot and try again.


2) It may be that the previousowner hasn't removed the base and cameras from his account. You'd either need to contact them or open a case with support to see if they can remove the system from the PO.

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Re: Cant connect to base station

all lights are green. I have tried rebooting and unplugging and still nothing. I will contact them. thank you for the link
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