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Re: Arlo pro camera incompatible charger error. Second time this is happening.

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My Arlo Pro is showing incompatible charger error.  I had issues with this camera (I only have 1 camera) and was sent a new charger and cable which temporarily fixed the issue.  I did no use the camera for 4 months due to it not working, I assumed it was the cable again.  When I traveled back to the property, I ordered another new Arlo cable and charger.  Now I receive incompatible charger error and battery is draining.   I have rebooted, turned off and on, pulled battery out of camera, checked connection to charger and camera, and unplugged cable nothing is working. 

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hey Fegli,


Have you contacted the Support Team regarding this? You'll find several ways for contacting support in the provided link.


In case anyone finds this thread, I had this same issue and found a solution. Maybe it will help you as well.

I discovered that the wall plug from one camera, when used with the cable from the other camera, caused this error. When I replaced the wall plug with the other, the error went away. Amazingly, the other wall plug is also now working with the other cable.

In other words, somehow both wall plugs and cables work, but they are not interchangeable!

While both cameras are Arlo Pros, one came with the base and one was an add-on. I also discovered the part numbers on the plugs are different (332-10893-01 and 332–11004-01) while the model numbers are the same (AD2085320). No idea if that made a difference or not. The cables are indistinguishable.

The “matched” set of cable/plugs also can charge either camera... the only thing that seems incompatible is mixing the cables with the plugs.

Very strange behavior... I’m not sure if it’s specific to my case or not.
Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera