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Arlo android app duplicate notifications

After being pointed to a solution in another thread about a different problem, I am extremely frustrated. I had duplicate notifications so I followed the fix of force stop the app, clear cache and data, tien off backups and Google backups, uninstall, restart phone, reinstall, turn on backups. It added another duplicate notification. I did it again in case I did it wrong, but now more duplicate notifications. Anyway after reading different variations of the process in multiple threads I am now getting 6 duplicated notifications for each single event.

I am at a loss now. I'm over £800 invested in Arlo products. Notifications stuck on screen, scheduling breaks mode screen, duplicate notifications. Such a poor poor product from the android app team. Does anyone have any other ideas, save wiping my phone?

Huawei P20 Pro with EMUI 9
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Re: Arlo android app duplicate notifications

Fixed. Forum rep raised a support call for me and I just had a callback. Advised of new update as of April 1. Removed app, turned off phone, reinstalled latest version, answered positively to all prompts, and the notifications appear once only again. 👍
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Re: Arlo android app duplicate notifications

Hi @Divvydave


That is great news! I am glad I could help you resolve the issue. Let us know if you have anymore questions.

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