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Arlo Pro no notifications while stream is active

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So have a question, we are using our Arlo as Live security. The problem is that when you have the screen active (and authorized users who may be watching will cause this issue too, doesn't have to be main user) you WILL NOT receive notifications! This is an issue because we may have live feed going but NOT always watching the screen! If screen is inactive, then notifications come. Then will take a moment to get to live. Is there a way to make arlo send notifications no matter if camera live feed is active or not?

If not, how could we make a product suggestion to get the user interface changed to include a toggle switch that days something like "Force notifications on even when camera live feed is active"?

Thank you kindly

Guru Guru

This normal operation - motion detection is deactivated during live view. You can manually record, just not automatic. Basically, the design philosophy is that live view isn't meant for continuous use.


As for a feature request, I believe that similar proposals have been made before in the Idea Exchange section here. Add your own post and/or add kudos to existing threads.

Master Master

Unless you run permanent AC power, "Live Security" must drain your batteries so quickly. Other indications that the system is not designed for this use are that you can only live stream 5 cameras max simultaneously and that the live view session will automatically end after 30 mins.

But as above, the cameras go to full manual mode when live viewing


Yes we are supplying power when running live view and that answers why the camera shuts off after so long. Guess that's 30 mins! I have been thinking it's our router or something! Guess we should return unit because without live view and notifications being enabled and the camera shutting down after 30 mins of live viewing, we can't use it like we wanted.. Wishful thinking!