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Arlo Pro enhancements

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Mustang2007 Tutor

I must admit, when I see the Arlo pro come out it was nice.


I have the Arlo system, 1 base station 5 cameras. Let me tell you it was a total waste of money.

Batteries are my main issue. Sure you can set up all the recordings you want. Better have lots of batteries. The more your record, the more it sucks down the battery.


I then spoke to support many times are getting the cr123 rechargeable batteries. They stated not too due to the amps not being the same. Then they come out with a device that now has rechargeable batteries??

I get the whole technology changing and things get better. People like me spend $600 or more on this base system less than a year ago. Does Netgear really expect us to go out and buy another system because they enhance their crappy hardware?


They are the same in the Enterprise world as well with switches, and NAS’s.

I wish I could just give them back all of this stuff. If I could swap out the old stuff with the new Arlo pro I would. I like meaning of what they tried to do. But they need to take the non-recharable ones off the shelf.


How many of you are sinking money in batteries?

How many wish you would have bought arlo pro?


Netgear, I feel you should allow customers to turn in the old and allow us to replace with the currect. We have to much money to switch another vendor. Which is what you guys wanted.


JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



Although we do not offer a trade in or discount program, in order to provide a similar level of convenience provided by Arlo Pro, we are working with a third party battery manufacturer to release rechargeable batteries that will support the original Arlo wire-free cameras. We will keep everyone posted regarding pricing and availability on