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Anyone Else See A Pattern ?

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Arlo-Man Luminary

VueZone... Arlo... Arlo Q... Arlo Pro...


Rather than fix issues and give us what we want they continue to trash one version and come out with yet another, costing us more money if we want to continue to follow and get the features we wanted to begin with.

NiteOwl_334 Tutor

I agree with you. It is business, after all. There's more money to be made selling a whole new system as opposed to updating an older one. It also certainly doesn't help that the newer Arlo Pros cost as much as they do. I don't think that was a smart move on their point. I've had the original Arlo's for over a year and still feel they're overpriced. They work fine, but don't agree with all of the features, but it was the right option at the time of purchase.


Who knows, maybe the next Arlo version will have some sort of wireless charging where they do away with the swapping of batteries altogether!


Anyhow, there are other options out there, which is good. I think now is a good time to re-evaulaute what else is out there in terms of DIY hi-tech home security. Competition is good for the consumer.

Arlo-Man Luminary

This is exactly why I paid for BestBuy's extended warranty program. I knew this was going to happen, AGAIN.

JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager

The Arlo Pro Cameras are backward compatible. Additionally, your existing Arlo Wire-Free cameras can be synced to an Arlo Pro Base Station to utilize the new base station features. This allows for flexibility when adding to your existing Arlo Wire-Free system.



Arlo-Man Luminary

Returned my original Arlo 4 camera system under my warranty plan and exchanged it for the Pro system. Added protection to this system also so when Netgear trashes this version I can return it as well.

DaveWoj Virtuoso

Read my last post regarding constant power for exterior and how Netgear didn't really address it with the USB connection.


I do believe they are listening though and have added some improvements.


The good news is, everyone will be dumping their old Arlo's for cheap on Ebay and my modified AC connection has been working 24 hours a day for 10 months without a problem.





noone3000 Aspirant
Dave- What AC power supply have you been using successfully? 9v?

I currently have an Arlo system but am debating returning for an Arlo Pro system due to the constant power option, but if it's not designed for outdoors, I figure I may as well modify my existing cameras. Thanks for any tips or links on how to hardwire Arlo cameras.
DaveWoj Virtuoso

Yes 12V 1.5 amp.


It's true the connection on the Pro is not designed for outdoors but sealing with silicone or mastic should create a weatherproof seal.


There is almost no room to secure a threaded connector though so you would need to put a nut on the threads.


I mostly bought the pro for the extra 20 degree view.


The original arlo has worked great though.

DaveWoj Virtuoso