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Arlo Pro camera won't charge. Showing error message "incompatible charger"

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tcgriff Aspirant

This is the second post on my charger issues. My Arlo Pro cameras will not charge. I wondered if the recharger batteries are too old (purchased June 2017)? In my latest attempt to charge, I logged onto the app and looked at the camera being charged. It briefly had an error message "incompatible charger", which makes no sense because I have used the charger many times. Help? BTW, this company has terrible support. On their website, you can't find anything.

tcgriff Aspirant

My Arlo Pro batteries are not recharging. When I look at the camera on the app, I seen an icon of a red battery that looks empty. Are the rechargeable batteries worn out? (I purchased in June 2017)

Guru TomMac Guru

You are using the original ac adapter and cable?

If so unplug and wait a few mins and repeat 6x... If battery is drained to low it needs a bit of push to get started


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