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I have a new Arlo Pro Base Station to replace old Base Station but unable to update

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RndHseLady Follower

I have a new ARLO PRO (Model VMB4000 ) S/N: 4R058A7CA36EB. This replaced my old ARLO base station VMB 3530. I'm unable to update to the new ARLO PRO. Please update this information in the registration area of your website because I can't or tell me how to do it so I can get the system working. ARLO PRO is on-line connected to router and all lights are green, but I can't connect via my mobile or computer because you still show my old base station. Help Please. Thank You Sande K 26Apr19/1710 local time

brh Master


What your base is showing is a little strange because all three LEDs on the Pro base showing green means that the base has power, is connected to the internet and has at least one camera synced to it. There is no registration with Arlo.

Because I don't know what steps you took to replace the older base I am going to have to do a little guess work here and try to read between the lines, so to speak.

If the Arlo account is in your name, (meaning that you are the main account owner), the proper steps would have been while the old base was still connected to the account, you would go to the devices page and click on Add Device, select Base Station and follow the instructions to connect the new Pro base. Once you see the new base, you would remove all of the cameras from the old base then one by one add them to the new base by clicking on the Add Device again for each camera and follow the procedure. After that you would remove the old base from your account. (there is an easier way to sync the cameras - once you see the new base and have removed the cameras from the old base, simply briefly press on the sync button on the new base then briefly press on the sync button on one of the cameras and wait until the blue LED on the camera stops rapidly blinking Then repeat those steps for each additional camera.

Now, you say that the old base is still showing up and not the new base. Are the cameras still showing up connected to the old base? 

Have you gone into Settings > My Devices > the hub that is showing > Device Info and checked the it is still showing VMB3500?

Hope that helps you figure out what went wrong.