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Re: Arlo Pro Live View Lagging

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oldgranola Tutor

No. The specs for upload speed is more like above 0.5 and a ping latency for less than 90ms. I was recently on the phone with tech support on that. Its actually somewhat rare to have upload speeds above 1 so if thats a problem.......


Tnatural2000 Guide

The only piece of the puzzle that was changed in the two months I have been experiencing the live feed time lag is the Upload speed of my Wifi network - today - and now the live feed sound & video is working without breaks, with a delay of about 2 seconds instead of 1 minute.  So perhaps the Arlo tech support advised that XX upload speed is "minimum", but there is some other issue with the Arlo cameras Firmware or hardware that is interfering with the Upload process and the higher upload bandwidth is compensating for that.  For a year the live feed for me was actualy LIVE. Who knows.  The Arlo level one and Level two techs I spoke to said they had never heard of this problem and when I pointed out there are many community boards on their own site they said they didn't know of them supposedly.  I still have the boxes for the Arlo Pro cameras and the silly Arlo Lights and they may make their way back to Costco soon even after a year.  This stuff is real Junk of late.

oldgranola Tutor

Ya, I'm returning mine via amazon. My cheap p2p IP cams work fine with HD vid that looks a lot better than what arlo pro is giving and with very little lag. too bad right?