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I have contacted tech support via phone several times. They keep asking me to make sure I am connected to the internet.


Connection failed message happens whenever I click the "LIVE FEED" button on the screen.


I have updated my Adobe Flash to the latest version.


This happens using the browsers 1. Internet Explorer, 2. Mozilla Firefox, 3. Google Chrome.


I can view the live feed on my iPhone 7+ with no problems.


I have extensively searched these forums, and have tried all the recommended solutions with no resolution.

Please help!


@Norrisk66 wrote:

Regardless of the cause of the :connection failed message-


It seems to be the general consensus that there is a need to be able to view these live feeds while on a work network.


That is exactly why i bought this system-  !!!TO VIEW WHAT IS GOING ON AT MY HOME WHILE I AM AT WORK!!!!!


Why on earth would I need to view the cameras from my home??? So I can see what is going on outside instead of

walking outside to see it?


Once again, very frusterated at this point. I wish someone from ARLO would chime in on one of the 50 threads bouncing around on here and simply state that either:


A: we are all out of luck and can move on to a better platform or


B: there is something in the works


        ~OR~BETTER YET~


C: ARLO could at least acknowledge that there is a real problem and we are all not computer illiterate idiots.....




Your work IT dept would have to grant your domain user id access to view streaming media. Most businesses / corporations lock down and block streaming media while your on the work network. This is down for security, but more so for bandwidth. If streaming media was open to all employees and everyone is watching youtube and listening to pandora the network would quickly come to a crawl. If you're blocked at your work, your domaion user id would have to be granted permission to allow streaming media thru the proxy server and/or firewall.


I can view Arlo videos and live streams from my work because I have been granted access to sreaming media thru the proxy server.


Not being able to live view from work isn't an Arlo issue, it's probably your works coporate policy. However, you can still use your phone while at work to live view if needed. Yes it uses data, but I view a lot of videos and live views and I only added 2-4Gb extra data use each month, which is within my plan limits.