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Arlo Pro Keeps Saying "The Media Server Has Intentionally Stopped Streaming"

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My Arlo pro cameras keep saying "The media server has intentionally stopped streaming" and or "The connection to the camera has timed out". What could be causing this and what can I do to prevent it from continuing to happen


Getting way too many "server stopped streaming" messages afterour camera alerts us and we try to see what is happening. We are trying the Wyze cameras...just got one in today. It loads faster than Arlo...tracks movement...pans and tilts, for $29.00. We will see how this works for us, but the Arlo system is going back to where we bought it. 


After the last app update the messages had stopped. But after a few days they started again, just not as often.

Why would u respond with a private message.... obviously this is a problem that multiple users need an answer to. If I knew Arlo was this bad with software, I woulda went with Ring. Also, fix the Alexa integration!
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A PM may be useful so personal information isn't broadcast over the Internet...


This is a continuing problem no matter which device (Web Portal, Smartphone) you connect with the Arlo NETGEAR media servers. There are alerts other than "The Media Server Has Intentionally Stopped Streaming" - add "Please Wait" (for up to a minute and then) ; "The Media Server Has Timed out", "Buffering" (for up to a minute); "Connecting" (for up to a minute), "The Base Station Is Not Responding", etc. 

Microsoft Edge or Chrome Web Portal has same symptoms. 

I have verified that I have the most up to date firmware and app software; I'm running a NETGEAR Nighthawk RAX-80 WiFi system, NETGEAR CM1000 modem with Cox interent at 1.0Gbit down and 30Mbit up. I have an Amazon Echo (Alexa) and there are no lags in streaming video/audio EXCEPT when I ask Alexa to Show an Arlo Camera, and after about 30 seconds Alexa says: "Sorry unable to connect to Arlo Camera XXXXX". 

I am not an IT expert, but all these media server issues obviously point to a NETGEAR media server problem and I expect all these problems are caused by overloaded media servers or the way Arlo NETGEAR has these servers setup to response to data transfers/requests resulting in significant lag times. Yes, I kown that the Arlo system is not designed to be "real time", but other vendor media systems are able to respond in under 5 seconds.