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I'm not looking to set the cat amongst the pigeons here, but as a frustrated customer, I'm beginning to get the feeling I've made a bad choice in selecting Netgear as a "newcomer' to the CCTV market and lets be clear here as the sole purpose to offer added protection and security to my home. I bought the two pack camera and base station set with a view to expanding this, funds permitting.


I always try to be at the fore-front of tech, but I'm starting to question my decision, and also I really need Netgear here to openly start to admit their product flaws (just like most major accountable and responsible manufacturers do) and formally state what they are going to do about it, because frankly they are shipping and selling defective products. Having argued through seven levels of un-informed support channels for me to finally get so someone that recognises one problem, then the hope for the rest of the people and their issues is bewildering.


I am a long-time user of Netgear products (having come from an IT background), so i already have familiarity with them as a company, and in fact my router is a Nighthawk R8500.


I have an existing support ticket open with both of the 'new cameras' which I only purchased at the end of August (yes only 4 weeks or so ago) as a result of a constant 'ticking' effect on recording/playback in which I've arrived at a decision point with the support team to essentially wait until HW9 is available (as the 'ticking' is apparently a known issue with HW8 and the updated hardware is pending release), I've since encountered while waiting multiple other issues on the same cameras which is astounding:


- Random pink hue effect and pixelation on one camera (i just love pink grass)

- Both cameras randomly going offline and only being brought back online by getting up ladders and pulling the battery?

- One camera giving me notifications that I am not using a 'genuine arlo power adapter' when I am using the genuine Netgear outdoor power adapters on both cameras?

- Both cameras giving a notification that there is 'motion' with no associated recording taking place?

- Both cameras simply stopping recording or detecting motion at all and having to re-boot the base station several times.


Ok, so I haven't raised other tickets for the rest of these issues and for most the answer seems to be one of remove the battery, re-sync to the basestation, reboot the basestation, disconnect and reconnect the cable, etc and my hope is centred around the HW9 replacements (when released) being much better, but I seem to be spending more time fixing issues than actually using them for what they should be used for; 'to assist in protecting and securing my home'. What is also not appreciated here that me as with others probably have these things stuck somewhere up the side of an outside wall, which isn't always easy to get to.


So (given the extensive cost of these and all the add-ons) does someone from Netgear care to explain what is going wrong, because these are not simply user issues and they are far to widespread to simply be 'one-offs'? 


- What are formally the recognised issues/problems which need to be rectified?

- Which are being addressed through a firmware update?

- Which are being addressed through a hardware update? (HW8>HW9)


I would also like someone from Netgear to provide a definitive date for the HW9 release? 






Camera that was charging last week is now this week reporting I'm not using a genuine charger (again)


Surprise, Surprise.




My Arlo system has become unreliable the last few months. Cameras will not trigger from movement, false alarms with no recordings, app constantly crashes, can’t live activate cameras or it takes several tries, camera batteries are short lived, Arlo Pro with sound is very slow to respond, cameras won’t connect to base station and on and on and on. I have decided to try another system. My families security is too important to rely on this unreliable system. I will be asking for a full refund. Very disappointed in Arlo. 

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What have you tried? Have you restarted the base? Are there symptoms unique to a camera? Are you using a single mode or a schedule? Have you checked your mode(s) to verify the settings? Have you checked your firmware versions against the Release Notes section here to ensure verything is up to date?


It might be fastest/easiest to reset the system by removing everthing from Settings, My Devices and using the Add Device Button in the Devices tab to claim the base and sync the cameras. PITA but sometimes very worthwhile.