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The video looks very grainy after update early this morning Firmware Will there be a update for the base as well




More than likely your problems were brought on by recent Arlo app and firmware updates, but I have been concerned about your low wifi speeds although you probably can't do much about it right now other than trying to optimize your Orbi settings. I have only had my Orbi system for about a month so many things about it are still a mystery to me. 

I downloaded an app to my laptop called Netspot. This allows me to see all the other wifi networks near me that might be interfering with my network. If one wifi channel is crowded with many strong signals on my channel, I change the wifi channel in my Orbi. That can also improve my speed.

Hopefully in the future you can get a better internet connection. In the meantime post an entry to JamesC so that he is aware of your recording problems and can pass them forward to engineering.




Thanks for the help Brian,

                                         My recordings are still hit and miss some record for the correct time and other 28sec or less. I have deleted and restarted my modes but still hit and miss.

@JamesC I have my camera's set to record for a specific length of time, they have been working fine until 12/5/18 now they only occassionally record for the specified time but mostly record 5 - 30 secs which doesn't work for me as motion is still happening and they now miss it. I have restarted the base twice, deleted and re done my modes twice and the problem is still happening. Forum members have helped me with upload speed problems but I have rung my ISP provider and was told my speeds were correct ( download at least they weren't sure of upload) I'm sure my speeds haven't changed and my camera's have been working for around 2 months with the specified times on my internet speeds. I'm not sure if our speeds are different in Australia or the way we read them. Can you please assist? Not sure if this has something to do with an update but I have seen others on here with the same / similar issue. Any help appreciated.


                                                                                 Thanks Monica