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Arlo Pro Charging Faults.

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Jan 14 2019

I completely agree that it's B.S.     I have 10 cameras, all now plugged in most using the official Arlo AC Adapter that is only 8 feet long, which I use on the outdoor dameras and most some need to be plugged into extension cords to reach an outlet, but some don't and are directly plugged in to an outlet.  The indoor cameras I use the indoor cord/usb that came with the camera.  Every single one of these cameras that are plugged in to a weatherproof AC adapter outside, keep getting the pop up message on the particular camera "(!) Incompatible charger has been detected.  Connect a compatible Arlo charger.  For more info, see KB article for Charging Faults. [OK, got it]"......this B.S. comes up on random cameras every day, several times a day, and while this is on, it doesn't seem to be recording anything.  Although every single one of my cameras whether indoor or outdoor are unreliable and undependable of capturing proper movement that should be recorded.  Nothing/Wind?!!! yeah it will record that crap every single blow.  A vehicle driving past it slowly, or a person walking past the camera or to the door, forget it, very unreliable.  I know that it doesn't record because another camera might catch the tail end of something, or cut off recording way before the length I have it scheduled for to record.  And also the Base unit keeps going off line several times a day for weeks now.  One thing that they did do is change the way the cameras update now so you can set up the activity zones, so something Arlo team has done finally get a plus again.  As for the Base going off line many many many times a day, this is just unacceptable.  As I mentioned, I have 10 cameras, and they are not easy to get to to have to reset the base unit and then bring in every stinking camera to resync it to the base.....I waste so much time, daily, trying to set these sometimes worthless cameras to record consistently, but no matter what settings you change or don't change, they are unreliable to keep doing well.  Just when you think you have it set to do what you want, it doesn't, and  you don't know until you go home and don't see it pick you up coming home on 4 I know I went home, and I know I passed these 4 cameras.....God forbid a burglar comes to the door, the friggin cameras will never catch him because they are, how many times have I said this now...unreliable/undependable.  They are only good for play, not for security in any way.  Sorry for the rambling, but these  cameras so so infuriating....because they are expensive and keep getting expensive because the Arlo rechargeable batteries (Arlo Pro/2) only last about a year or less and then they won't hold a charge for more than 18 hours (which I recently found out after having this Arlo Pro system for a year now), and they're $50 a battery!!!!   So this is why I've plugged them all in, and it's a PITA to charge them so often, and now that they're plugged in, I get the message:  "(!) Incompatible charger has been detected.  Connect a compatible Arlo charger.  For more info, see KB article for Charging Faults. [OK, got it]"

Arlo!  get this stuff straightened out.  And trying to find answers to anything is near impossible.  I hope Arlo can remedy these problems, that entirely too many people have.  When a camera happens to work properly, it's great, although it seems to be EXTREMELY short I said, when  you think it's all working great...then it isn't, and there's no specific way to fix any of them, it's all hit or miss, and constantly changes on an hourly basis, yes I just said hourly!!!!


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