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I have the Arlo Pro Base Station with Three 720p camera for 2 years. All the sudden 2 days ago, all cameras became "Your Arlo device appears offline. Please make sure it's powered on and connected to the internet." I did all the troubleshooting steps I can. 1) Reset the base station with 10 seconds pressing onto the reset button. 2) Removed all the devices from my Arlo account. 3) Try to re-add them into the account. 4) Try to update the base station firmware, but no update available. 5) Adding each camera individually (pressing the sync keys on both base station and camera), got them re-add back and able to make it live camera. 


However, when I try to move the camera around to next room, the live camera start having problem such as lagging and live session became frozen live. Each time when I opened up Arlo camera on web / phone app, it pop up the error message again. Next I try to place the camera right next to the base station, it start communicating again. It appears the cameras have to be right next to the base station (less than 3 ft) in order to be live camera.


Does anyone have this situation happened before? Could it because of the base station is defective all the sudden after 2 years? 


Arlo Pro Base Station: 


Hardware - VMB4000r3

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It's certainly possible that you have a hardware issue but first rule out other issues such as 2.4GHz wireless interference. Move your base away from the router. Look for any wireless device that may be near the base and/or cameras.