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Arlo Pro 1 Stuttering and Late Recording

So  I just picked up 2 new Arlo 2 Pro's and for the front of my house I did some rearranging.   I now have my old Arlo Pro 1 in the middle of the garage door and the new Arlo Pro 2 over the front door.   They are set to if one senses motion start recording on the other.


Here is a video I recorded the other day of some dude posting flyers on my door.   There is 2 issues.  


1.  Arlo didnt start recording till here was already across my driveway.   Its set to 90% sensitivity and anything any higher I get false alarms from the wind all day long.   This is consistant with all my videos lately where it records late.


2.  The second issue is if you notice the guy becomes all pixeled and ghosting near the end.   THis only seems to happen maybe 1 out of 20 recordings but still an issue nevertheless.


Any ideas?

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Arlo Pro 1 Stuttering and Late Recording

Placement is as important as sense level...

The PIR is good for people to a max of 25 ft and the subject is better detected accross the FOV instead of straight on.


Question is which one detected the person first... ?


Here's something to try.... go into pan/zoom and shrink the picture by about 15%.

Recenter aim on driveway by the cropping feature.  See if it detects ( appears to ) faster.

Reason is the PIR cover all the FOV eeven if picture is smaller so the trigger happens faster


Change location to side a bit


raise the sense level up 1% but reaim the camera a bit lower


As to stutter... usu some form of interference or lower signal

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