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Arlo Cloud Deleting My Videos - Disappearing Videos - Losing Videos - Missing Videos

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ArloNotSoGood Follower

I've purchased an Arlo Pro three camera system during the last week of November of 2018.  Two months ago, for the sake of arguement.


I have three cameras set up and they record to the cloud just fine as far as I know.  I am on the free subscription option for storage.  7 days, right?


However, on several occasions, most recently today, I can no longer see recorded videos on the cloud.  Today, everything was gone.  The only videos I could see were the ones I made moments earlier by waving my hands around my front door.


Sometimes I'll lose videos in the middle of the recorded "week".  Sometimes I'll have only the beginning of the "week" or the end of the "week".


I've checked for the videos on a PC, my phone, another computer.  Nothing.  I'm not downloading or sharing videos.  I'm certainly not deleting them.


Arlo support wants me to change my password.  So I did just for the hell of it.  No one is physically deleting the videos from my account.  But I'll humor them.


Anybody else lose videos from the cloud?


Edit:  I have two cameras covering my front door.  One on the left and one on the right.  Both cameras see the same thing but from different sides.  My missing videos are not camera dependant.  Today I lost videos from all three cameras.  Sometimes only one camera will lose videos from the cloud.


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Master steve_t Master

Are they definitely videos that were there previously? Is there a chance that no videos were recorded in the timeframe you think you have had videos deleted?

Guru TomMac Guru

And you should be running a speed stick in the USB port as a backup drive.... they are cheap insurance

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JoeCymru Virtuoso

If you are seeing "here today, gone tomorrow" and the snips are not actually falling off the rolling week, and it is affecting random originating cameras, then I would suspect there is some issue with your account and Arlo servers. Seeing something held in the cloud and then not seeing it without it aging off the rolling week or any action on your part does not seem like hardware or firmware in your home. Arlo support may be able to help you with that, but you need to be very specific with them and maybe get a bump up in support level. There have been individual account problems in the past causing cloud issues. The alternative would be to change your account yourself (which will take a different email address). Fixing your account (if indeed this is the problem) is a better solution but getting Arlo support to come off their script and effectively do what you need sometimes can be a bit frustrating. 

Support inferring someone else has your password and is hacking your account just to randomly delete videos is a silly attempt at a solution.