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Owing to one of our pet cats getting outside, we've been doing a lot of live viewing for the past few days whereupon we've learned that Arlo will only let you view for about ten minutes before bumping you off we suppose to limit bandwith usage.


However, a new problem has cropped up where trying to go live gets an instant time out on the PC web page and continuous 'connecting' message on the Android app. 


Refreshing the browser, rebooting the base station, rebooting the router and even the cable modem does nothing. 


However, taking the battery out of the camera and then replacing it does the trick. 


Anyone else having this probelm? 

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Our development team recently released a new firmware update which should fix this issue. You can see more about the new firmware update here: Firmware Release Notes


Please let us know if you're still experiencing the issue.