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Arlo App 3.0 Very SLOW for video playback

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My Arlo app was updated yesterday to version 3.0.  Since this upgrade, videos on my library are now taking on average 45 seconds to play.  When I click a video, it spins for AGES before it plays back.  I know its not my wifi, as other apps are working fine and speedtests from my device repeatedly show 400/400 or better. I am on Frontier Fios.  Changing to cellular makes no difference.  Prior to this app update, my videos played back immediately.


I have removed and reinstalled the app.

I have logged in/out of said app multiple times.

I can't use browser playback for my 2K videos to verify on the arlo cloud (website), however, my other arlo pro videos play back fine from the website.  This appears to indicate an issue with the updated APP.

I have rebooted my device.

I am running IOS 14.4, iPhone12PRO   


Again, it was working JUST FINE before Arlo updated my app to 3.0.  I'm a software engineer, I have never seen so many issues from the same company. Your QA team is either extremely inept or your developers don't know how to code properly. Does anyone TEST this stuff before they put it into production?


Not happy right now.  I have 6 cameras, most of which are Arlo pro but my driveway is on Arlo Pro 3. I have an Arlo smart subscription as well.  


What's going on here?

Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
Guru Guru

Just tested this on my Pixel 5 with Android 11, app was updated to 3.0 this morning. It takes ~2-3 seconds to start a video here.


Reboot the phone. Try both WiFi and cell service.


Perhaps READ the post before you reply. I have already rebooted the device and I've already tried both WIFi and Cellular. When someone actually has a helpful solution, I'm available to troubleshoot.