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Any Google Pixel owners who also subscribe to Arlo Smart Premier? Silent notification Issues?

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ZackScott Aspirant

I'm looking to get in touch with any Google Pixel owners who run stock android, either versions 8 or 9, who also pay to subscribe to Arlo Smart Premier. I specifically have a Google Pixel XL 2, and all Smart notifications come in silent for me. I'm looking to see if others have this issue (or not) because I've done about everything possible to troubleshoot this other than coordinating with people who have the same setup as me. 

ZackScott Aspirant

This is a short personal review of my experience with Arlo Smart

  • Looks great! Cool feature in theory.
  • Broken notification sounds on my android devices
  • Could not disable e911 once added
  • Arlo Smart notifications are slower


After weeks of troubleshooting and speaking with chat agents, I have canceled Arlo Smart. I've been a paying Arlo subscriber for months, but ever since they upgraded their standard Premier service to Arlo Smart Premier in June, notifications have been broken on my Android devices, both my Google Pixel XL 2 and my Nexus 6P. They seem to work just fine on my iPad, but I don't regularly use my iPad.


In summary, the new smart notifications look great, and are a great idea. However on both of my android phones, they come in silently most of the time. Rarely do they ever trigger the notification sound or vibration. Sometimes they will make a weird, half-sound. This only applies to these new Smart notifications. Arlo's low-battery notifications worked just fine. I am very experienced with both using my Arlos and Android, and I've followed all troubleshooting steps I've been given.


I will subscribe again once this issue is fixed because I do have more than 5 cameras. I want Arlo to work. But for now, immediately upon downgrading, my standard (non-smart) motion detection notifications work like they used to, triggering an audible notification sound each and every time. Also, these standard notifications arrive faster than the Arlo Smart notifications did. Maybe Arlo's servers have to spend more time creating photo captures and determining the content before sending it to your phone? If you upgrade to Arlo Smart, expect to have your notifications delayed by up to 15 seconds.


Also, as a side note, it's a bit ridiculous that an Arlo Go subscription will not give you an extra camera. After downgrading, I have to choose which cameras to disable at home just so I can continue to use my Arlo Go.

BN21 Aspirant
I have a galaxy s9 and I had the same issue (which is why I went back to the free version). Silent notifications, LED light not working. Pretty much worthless because you wont know if someone's at your door unless youre constantly looking at your phone. This needs to be fixed or they're going to lose out on a lot of paid subscribers
Guru jguerdat Guru

I have a Pixel 3 XL and have no problems with notifications (other than extra notifications). Rebooting the phone doesn't help? How about reinstalling the app (assuming that the latest app is working on your phone)?

hitchr Aspirant

I have a Pixel 2XL and just bought an Arlo Pro camera system.  Custom notification sounds do not work for me either.  They also do not work on my wife's Samsung Galaxy S7.  I contacted support and they said they would escalate the issue.