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Adding New Base Station - Rules, Devices



I am looking to adding a second base station to my setup as I want to add 3-4 more cameras. I know I can add a base station, but how does this work when it comes to my geofencing, schedule, etc? Do I have to create new rules or will it run off of the same rules I have?


Also, will I see all cameras under devices? Or will I have to toggle which hub I want to view?



Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Adding New Base Station - Rules, Devices

The second base station acts as a second system. The second base station could be in the same location or a different location to the first system. You set the mode per base station. Each mode will need appropriate rules.

Geofencing works off location of your phone. I believe you can set each base to geofence as long as the home area is the same. I don't use geofencing mode though sorry.

Hopefully you already have a subscription or are at least aware you'll need one to have more than 5 cameras total on one account

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Re: Adding New Base Station - Rules, Devices

Thanks for the details


I am aware I'll have to upgrade my subscription.


I wish there was a way to link the two base stations. Managing two base stations sounds tedious and opens the doors for issues. Geofencing has been finicky at best one one base station. Adding a second makes me worry that it will cause more issues. Guess all I can do is try


How about the device list? Will it show all cameras from both base stations in that view?

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Re: Adding New Base Station - Rules, Devices

Yes, all cameras will show in your login. No need to worry.


Add kudos to existing threads in the Idea Exchange area here for allowing cameras from different bases to be utilized in unified modes and/or create your own thread.

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Re: Adding New Base Station - Rules, Devices

Yep. All cameras in the Devices tab as if they were on one base station. In the Device list via Settings, you get the cameras listed under their respective base stations. 
I actually really like that they can be controlled independently, especially given the reason you'd have 2 base stations is they are really far away from each other eg really large house or 2 different sites.
I guess for your current wants, you'd just go ahead and make the modes and rules for each base station identical.

I'd rather have the flexibility than not have it but each to their own

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Re: Adding New Base Station - Rules, Devices

Sounds like I'm worried about nothing 😁

I just want to make sure that both base stations would toggle geofencing and arm at the same time. They should, but I guess we will find out
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