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Battery Charging

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wish someone could explain the whole concept to me?  Just got a three camera kit from Costco.

Have huge experience with both security cameras and building battery banks, and using Lithium  batteries.

This system seems like a contradiction - it is cool and high tech.  BUT it is lame and limited.

Having to charge one battery at a time, is not at all cool!

Suppose the camera is high up, or in a hard to reach location ?

How can you sell a three camera kit and not include simultaneous charging of all three cameras?

Perhaps the camera housing could be black, and it could use both solar heat and light to charge the battery.

Wireless is wonderful for setup, but if the battery dies what good is it?


If it only draws power when recording and that is action based, still it can need a lot of recording power.

Doubt I will be keeping them.   

ALSO, how do the magnetic mounts work, that is not clearly documented?  

Can someone provide real world battery usage statistics.
I got this to keep on eye both outside the house and inside some rooms. 

Thank you.




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There are accessories for all of these issues. The solar panel or outdoor AC adapter could keep things running well (I have solar panels on 2 cameras which keeps them charged nicely. Also, there's a charging station that would allow you to charge 2 batteries at a time which, with spare batteries, would make it a snap to always have a set ready for use.


My usage on many different cameras is all about the same - 2-3 months between charges. Of course, spec battery life is for <5 minutes of total recording and live view per day. A camera with very little activity will last many months as long as the connection to the hub is good.

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