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Connecting Floodlight / Camera to Single SSID (2.4 + 5.0 ghz) Mesh Network

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I bought and set-up and Asus ROG GT-AC5300 Gaming Router  that manages a single SSID mesh network and was faced with removing/adding my Arlo devices of course (no hub/base).
At first I set up a 2.4 GHZ guest network so I could connect via my phone to the floodlight and add it.
I was assuming once I did that, I could get to the configuration of the camera and simply enter in the SSID/PW for the Single SSID/MESH network I desire to have on my 'intranet'.

Well... that's not the case. 

You can only change the network/pw by going through the phone pairing process on a dedicated 24 ghz network.

I don't know if there is some security issues which this process helps to control somehow, but if not... just seems overly complex for a simple network change.

Regardless I found a workaround.


Turn off the single SSID,(on this router it's called smart connect on the wireless tab), and assign the 24ghz network the SSID which you want to keep as your final MESH SSID.   Set the 5.0GHZ to a different SSID.

Go through the connection process, - obviously using the 2.4ghz network.  

Now that you are connected, turn the single SSID back on, (turn on smart connect), and make sure/set the single SSID forthe mesh network to the SSID use for paring. 

Now I have a single SSID, (2.4 and 5.0 ghz) on a 3 node AIMESH network that the camera rides on.

Since devices choose the GHZ network they ride on, the camera is riding the 2.4 GHZ on a SSID that has both 2.4 and 5.0.

If things start to not work right etc, I'll come back and post an update.   

Maybe this was already documented by someone , but I did not find it easily.


Note - also I had to shut off my phone cell data - but that's kind of typical for this type of install and had nothing to do with the AIMESH/SSID. 

Model: VMC4040P | Arlo Pro 3 Wire-Free Camera
Discussion stats
  • 0 Replies
  • 1 In Conversation