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arlo pro 2 camera night vision works worse after charging

It happened twice on my two arlo pro 2 cameras that after taken off the wall and charged fully, the night vision worked worse. I would not say they are not working but it is no better than not working. That is, they had night vision in the first 2 to 3 seconds then you can barely see anything in the cameras as if they were turned off automatically in 2 to 3 seconds. It happened to my first camera last Friday and I showed the recording to the arlo technician, he concluded that it was the hardware problem and assigned me an RMA number then this noon I mailed it back for an exchange. The same thing happened again this evening after I charged the second camera. I did the same procedure as to the first camera: removed the camera with arlo app; pull off the battery from the camera and put it back after 5 minutes; re-synced the camera to the base; even I restarted the base. Still the night vision did not work, and the symptom is the same as the first camera, so I doubted if this time it is a hardware failure again to the second camera.

For information, the firmware of the cameras is (hardware: H3), and for the base is (hardware: VMB4000r3), both of the firmware are up to date.

Also the recording of the first camera (RMAed) is:
the recording of the second camera (tested tonight) is:

Please advise, thanks in advance.

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