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Should I buy Arlo? Is Ultra ready?

Hey Arlo Community, I am interested in buying Arlo but there seems to be a lot of problems. I was going to buy the Pro 2 system but decided to wait for the Ultra system to come out. I was drawn to Arlo originally for the fact that I could pay upfront for the system and then record locally on the hub with no subscription fee. I think I may have been mistaken so I hope you guys can straighten some things out for me. The Pro 2 system... I can record locally to a hard drive or SD card all of the cameras if I choose and this works well? Next I can record to the cloud for no subscription fee? This allows me to receive alerts and all of that good stuff? There is a built in alarm on the hub that I can trigger remotely? The ULTRA system... This system seems to have been riddled with problems from both the investors getting very greedy and software engineers not being given time and money to work problems out. Is this a fair assessment? Now, with the Ultra system, I have to pay a lot up front, the cloud storage is $100 a year for 1080 res same as Pro (Extra $ annually for 4k capabilities of the Ultra)? Has the SD storage been fixed, because Im seeing reviews that the hub only stores a few seconds at a time and is not able to figure out when a good time to do this is. And now the alarm is no longer on the hub and will be available for extra purchase? So all of these questions aside is there an Arlo Product that fulfills what I thought were the original promises from the company? I thought I could have the following... 4 cameras that are rechargeable or I can wire a full time charging cord to (even outdoors). A system that records continuously to a home based storage system or a cloud that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and does this well. A smartphone triggerable alarm and live feed with alerts. A real alarm that would alert neighbors not one that just lets the pirate know that I've seen that someone was there as they walk away. My big thing is that I want to buy something that works well, I dont mind paying $100 a year, but I want it to be to the fullest capabilities of the system. And I dont want to be nickle and dimed for features that should be included or were available in earlier models. So, does this exist with Arlo? I kind of feel like the Arlo Pro 2 was on its way to accomplishing a truly great product but the investors got greedy, stopped work on that product, and rolled out a new system too early with the same old problems plus a whole slew of new problems. I appreciate your comments on your ownership experiences. Thank You
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