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Re: Same Email for Netgear and Arlo Accounts

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Icehawk21 Follower

I just purchased an Arlo 2 Camera system, so I had to create a new Arlo account as I had not previously owned any Arlo devices.  Unfortunately, I was not able to use the same email address that is currently attached to my Netgear account, so I had to create another email address specifically for my new Arlo account.

Has this been the experience of other Arlo users?  Does this seem reasonable?

The issue is that I now have to use a "new" email address specifically for Arlo and I'd rather use my current email address that I actually use and monitor.  Does it not bother anyone else in this community that Arlo and Netgear do not permit the same email address to be used for each site's accounts? Will this change, so that I can use my existing email address?  Or is there a way to disconnect it from Netgear so that I can connect it to my Arlo account.

BTW - I did contact Arlo phone support and they were not really helpful.  They simply indicated that I could not use the the email address associated to my Netgear account and that I should create a new email address. Which, in my educated opinion as an IT professional, is rather ludicrous.



brh Master


I don't think that Arlo has ported everyone's accounts over to their servers yet, but the two companies have separated from each other, so the change over should happn in the future, 



Luddy Apprentice

I think it is really stupid the community account we have is the same account used for our camera systems.  To me that doesn't sound like the greatest idea from a security perspective.