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Re: Safari video playback

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AndrewCH Guide

I have an Arlo Pro 2 four camera system that I have just installed that works perfectly except that I cannot view the recorded videos with Safari on my desktop Mac. The videos open with the opening frame but will not play. If I use Chrome, I can view the videos perfectly (but not with Firefox). I can download the video and play it with VLC no problem. I have a Macbook Pro and I can view the videos perfectly. I have compared all the settings and parameters between the Macbook and the desktop but cannot see any differences. I have tried everything I can think of but I cannot see why I can view the videos on my Macbook and on my Mac desktop with Chrome but not on my Mac desktop with Safari.

Has anyone had this problem and found a solutions?

Model: Arlo Pro Wire-Free
JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hey @AndrewCH,


What macOS version are you running on your MacBook and iMac? Make sure you also have the latest version of Flash on your computers.

AndrewCH Guide

The desktop Mac is an early 2008 24 inch on OS 10.11.6 Flash latest version. Safari 11.1.2 always allow autoplay on.

The Macbook Pro is a mid 2009 13 inch on OS 10.11.6 Flash latest version. Safari 11.1.2 always allow autoplay on.


The Macbook Pro work perfectly. Live view and playback video from Arlo cloud on Safari.

The desktop Mac works perfectly in Live View but freezes on the first frame on playback of a video from the Arlo cloud with Safari. If I download the video it plays perfectly with VLC. Also, it plays cloud Arlo video with Chrome no problem but not Firefox (or Safari).


There must be a difference between the two Macs that explains why the Macbook plays cloud video and the desktop does not, but I can't find it.

Guru jguerdat Guru

It's entirely possible that the OS, although the same version, has a tweak in it between models that's causing this. I would open a case with support to raise awareness:

AndrewCH Guide

Is it possible that Safari 12 works better than Safari 11?