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Re: Refund system BROKEN for CVR - expect painful / non existent billing support

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NetUser21 Aspirant

How do you get billing support at Arlo?

Account change screens don't have a confirmation #, transaction emails don't get sent.

Account changes are a black hole. My money is gone. This is the second time a CVR refund has been taken by Arlo.


TLDR: Be careful when making any changes to CVR subscriptions because they will likely not end in your favor.


After many problems with CVR and Smart I decided to cancel my CVR service again. I went through the confirmation screen, saw that I was going to get a credit, submitted the cancellation and then...

I was charged after cancelling the CVR service instead of a refund. I recieved an Arlo Purchase Receipt email which showed a $99 charge after cancelling CVR service, basically Arlo took my refund and didn't even give me the services that they took the money for. My account says "No CVR Currently in your plan". Something is broken at Arlo billing.  I contacted support, sent them the details and they told me to cancel my CVR service according to a KB article. How can I cancel something I am not subscribed to.

Directly stated from Arlo support "As per checking here on our end your CVR is still active. Kindly downgrade your plan first using the kb article that I sent to you. Thank for choosing ArloKind Regards, Cris Arlo Support"


I still have 4 credit card holds by Arlo from almost 2 weeks ago when canceled the service? I'll say again, something is broken.


I believe that there is a flaw in the billing system since Arlo has focued on the new Smart subscription and seems to not have incorporated CVR subscriptions properly with it. The first time I had to initiate a refund request directly with Arlo after not receiveing a refund, but that was resolved. This time I'm getting nowhere.

JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi @NetUser21,


I have sent you a private message to gather more information from you regarding this. Hope to hear back from you via private message!

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