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Pre-purchase questions on Arlo 2

Had a couple of questions before I pull the trigger on an Arlo 2 system.....
  1. I would be getting 4 cameras, can I set all of those cameras to 'dis-arm' with geofencing, but one of the cameras to also start recording between 11pm and 5am?
  2. The cameras say they will capture a few seconds before an alert. Is that only when they are plugged in? Or will that work on battery as well?
  3. Are the alert clips in 10 second (or whatever) increments? Or would they be the entire length of the movement detected?
  4. Is the motion detection sensitive enough to detect say a dog jumping on the bed? 
  5. What kind of battery life are people seeing? I do have power near where all these would go, so not a huge concern
  6. Is the paid cloud storage worth it? Never really gone for extended periods of time.
  7. What kind of upload per camera would there be with continuous recording?

Appreciate any input from owners!

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Pre-purchase questions on Arlo 2

1) Yes. It's all about custom modes and the schedule.


2) Only when plugged in.


3) 10 seconds minimum, 2 minutes max if using the timed recordings. Up to 5 minutes if motion can be detected by the camera and the setting is record until motion stops.


4) Depends on the size of the dog, the distance to the camera and the sensitivity setting.


5) I get 2-3 months from mine but the totl number of minutes of recording plus live view per day makes most of the difference with <5 minutes per day giving spec life. WiFi connection strength/quality between the camera and base makes the rest of the difference.


6) The free 7 days is frequently sufficient. YMMV.


7) 10MB per minute isn't out of the question. The spec is for a minimum of 1Mbps but it depends on what else is going on as well as how many cameras are streaming.

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Re: Pre-purchase questions on Arlo 2

Thanks so much for the information @jguerdat! Sounds like this will be a nice upgrade over the Cleverloop I have now. I will probably give it a shot once I get sign-off from the wife.

Figure I'll get a 4 camera system and power adapters to start and a USB stick for recording backups.

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