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Operational and functional differences between Arlo Pro H3 and H4?

I have read all the discussions about differences between Arlo Pro 2 HW Versions H3 and H4. None have yet laid out in a clear table the operational and functional differences between these same-named devices with subtle differences. In specific are there features of the H4 that are not present in the H3 and conversely are there H3 features that were dropped in the H4? While it may be, and probably is, correct that the two cameras differ in their circuit board design (as reported in one of the posts), that information is not actionable information for configuring, managing, and administering the cameras and their relationship to their security environment. I would also like NetGear/Arlo to indicate explicitly on their packaging the HW version of the devices in the package. as a bit of clarity in advertising. The H3 devices I bought were purchased several months after the H4 devices were purchased. Both came in a multi-pack with a base station. with no obvious way on the packaging to discern that the second purchase box contained only superceded cameras.
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