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Like to have indoor camera auto disarm via geofencing and outside camera stay armed. How?

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Hello! I purchased the 4 pack of Arlo Pro 2’s and have 2 installed indoors and 2 installed outdoors. When we are home, I would like the indoor cameras to be auto disarmed via geofencing as we don’t need to record and alert ourselves of our own movements! But the outside cameras should remain active and “armed”. That way if something were to happen in the middle of the night - we would still have the cameras recording when activity is detected.

Is this possible?? Is there a better way!? Any ideas - suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
Sensei michaelkenward Sensei

Create a set of rules for the scenario that you want. Then create a schedule that activates those rules according to your desired timetable.


What are modes and rules and how does Arlo use them?


You can set geofencing to run the schedule when you are at home and a different set of rules when you are away.

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