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Is all of the "wifi" for the cameras come from the ARLO PRO 2 Base? (VMB4000)

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MCM30114 Aspirant

Just got the Arlo Pro 2 3 camera kit. My cameras need to go around my house and the WIFI range may be suffering because of the distance between cameras and the "wifi base unit".


I am presuming that the Cameras pair with the wifi base (I'm seeing a new SSID - NETGEAR93).  How can I extend the wifi network for the camera net?  This will be important for when I want to consider adding a few more cameras. 


Is there any good technical information that I can read on the networking details of the unit?





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Guru jguerdat Guru

To improve the signal to thevarious cameras, your only choices are to either centrally locate the existing base or purchase a second base and position both so cameras attached to each base have good signal. In a sense, it's like having your router at one end of the house and needing a WiFi extender to cover the other end.

MCM30114 Aspirant

@jguerdat - Thanks for the reply.  


Having a second "base" effectively adds another SSID to the mix,  now having two WIFI nets -- each base supporting a collection of cameras.  This isn't a network extension as you would expect in the typcial WIFI networking domain.


I would almost prefer if Netgear leveraged the Nighthawk router or Orbi's to keep the network extended and organized. 


As it sits right now, I have Xfinity Business Class, Google Wifi mesh units (5 in play), and now an Arlo Base. I'm now up to 8 SSIDs in the house and I'm going to assume that there will start to be wifi collisions shortly. My house is not in a Subdivision (keeps peer network channel chatter down), and the horizontal foorprint of the house (including garage) is about 2000 sq ft -- Now add onto this that I have 3 stories where I would like to start to distribute the cameras.


Currently have 2 cameras in operation (testing this thing out), which is about 20' from one camera (no real obstructions other than house construction materials) and I'm getting "full bars" comms to that camera.  To the other camera, it's about 40' and there's probaby some metal (aluminum sheathing on insulated foam, etc) between the base and it, and it's getting 1-2 bars. I'm going to expect that if I put the third camera in operation (about 40' on the third leg of a triangle in relation with all cameras), signal will not be as strong as needed for effective communications. Given the need for an ethernet hard wire to the base, running a Cat-6 cable arbitrarily through the house is not an option that the wife would approve of at the moment. 


Anyway,  Would love to continue the conversation about more "advanced WIFI network engineering" that folks have done to extend the network coverage.  Thanks for your reply and I welcome more input.