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Getting too many notifications Video Doorbell and Pro 2. How to manage? Can I schedule it to be off?

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Hi!  Love the products.  I have a new Video Doorbell and 2 Arlo Pro 2's outside.  I am always home (working) during Covid and my video doorbell is going off all the time, as are the Arlo 2's when squirrels run by, etc.  I don't want to turn on geofencing b/c I want notifications about people arriving at the door while I'm at home.  But it gets cluttered with me and kids coming in and out of front door a lot.  Short of arming and disarming constantly (massive hassle), what can I do to manage the clutter or minimize the videos for the doorbell?  


With the outdoor Arlo Pro 2's, can I schedule it to have those cameras OFF during the daytime hours?  I really only want them on at nighttime. 


Thank you!!!!  

Arlo Employee Retired

Hi putt4birdie,


Glad to hear you're loving our Arlo products!


There are several ways to control the notifications you receive from your Arlo Video Doorbell and Arlo Pro 2 cameras.

  1. You can use the "Mute Notifications" if you don't want to receive a lot of push notifications when motion/audio is detected. You can read more about it here: What is the Mute Notifications feature and how do I use it?
  2. You can use the "Schedule" mode with custom rules to choose at certain times for the camera or video doorbell to trigger. You can read more about it here: 
  3. Or you can try adjusting the motion detection sensitivity or other options, which you can read more about it here:
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For the doorbell, I find a zone for only the desired section of view along with reducing the motion sensitivity in my modes and rules reduces the false triggers in the first place. Use of both is what makes it work.

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  • 2 Replies
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