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Looks like Arlo have closed off the previous thread as it had a few comments saying it was fixed.


Slightly different scenario of it not working now, the zone is being picked up correctly now for both phones but the system is staying as armed even though we are back in zone.


Anyone else having this?




Unfortunately still no ,  in my case 

primary phone: samsung s9 on android 10,   arlo

2nd phone:  iphonex  on IOS 13.3.1,  ARLO 2.14


full access granted,   location service set to "always", iphone location reporting set to "this phone" 

but iphonex still gray out in geofencing

i am sure iphonex  GPS is good since all other apps works well


btw,  i do see a solid arrow icon when open ARLO,  so not sure the data being really sent to arlo data center for processing,  if yes,  seems the problem is at the server end,  not apps end.




another bug found:  may or may not related

if the 2nd iphonex  system language set to others instead of english ,  when open the 2nd account "profile" ,  profile will crash and nothing will be shown. so i only can force the arlo to be english in the individual apps setting,  while leaving the system language as preferred.

Same here, running same versions.
Cannot get my wife's iphone x to show as trusted device.
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Thanks for letting us know that you're still experiencing the issue. We've let the development team know about this issue with some users still experiencing some Geofencing issue on Arlo iOS app 2.14. We'll be sure to update the community when we hear any new information.

Hi folks,
This is again a report of issuing in Arlo Geofencing.
Since last release of the App last week, my wife’s phone, iPhone 7, is not available for Geofencing mode.
So, again, geofencing can’t arm or disarm cameras when she leaves or comes back home.
This problem always appear when you change something on software. Please fix it!