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Re: Can I add additional cameras at a different location and use the same system?

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Tee895 Follower

Hello. I currently have the Arlo Pro 2 camera system at my main residence with 2 cameras and the worthless Arlo doorbell. I am wanting to add Arlo cameras to my vacation house. Can I add additional cameras at the vacation house and run them off the same system if I have wifi internet at both locations? Will I need another Arlo account at the vacation house and will I need a separate Arlo base station as well at the vacation house?

Guru TomMac Guru

Service levels are based on the number of cameras, not bases nor locations...

So you can run 5 cameras total ( upgraded accounts allow more ) with a base at each location and all will appear in the same account.

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SusieQ2 Aspirant
Yes. It’s Easy. Setup is the same, syncs to hub and phone. Choose a name for second location. You get notifications for both and separate image libraries each.