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Camera not connecting

Since early last week, one of my 5 Arlo Pro 2 cameras keeps giving me the not connected to the internet screen when on the live screen. I have rebooted my Arlo Base and router many times. I have removed the camera from the base a few times along with resetting the base and syncing the cameras again a few times and it still gives me the error. I have also swapped locations, batteries and still get the same error on the same camera. I’m thinking I have a bad camera, kit is under 3 weeks old. I forgot to mention that it still records and sends notifications but doesn’t let me view live video 95 % of the time.
I tried including a video clip of what’s it doing but it won’t let me.
Model: VMC4030P| Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free | Web Site/App
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Re: Camera not connecting

If you think the unit is bad, either return it or contact Netgear support for a warranty issue.


Tho you already did most of what I would suggest, Netgear support may have a better answer

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Re: Camera not connecting

@Dubgreasemonkey, are you using an ios device? Because currently, Arlo is experiencing issue regarding their application. Customers who have an ios device that has the latest app version (2.5.0) are unbale to do live stream on their ios devices. However, when account is accessed on a non ios  device, cameras are streaming perfectly fine.


Try to access your account to another device like a computer to check if cameras are streaming.


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Re: Camera not connecting

It seems like it started after the last iOS update was not sure so didn’t mention it. It does the same thing on my wife’s iPhone too so I’ll try my Windows laptop now to confirm. Thanks you!
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Re: Camera not connecting

Yes, this issure really started after we as customers updated the app  version to 2.5.0. Right now they are still creating for a fix for it.

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