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Base Station / Camera Connection

Can I connect different series cameras to the same Base Station. For example: 2 Arlo Cameras, 2 Arlo Pro Cameras, and 2 Arlo Pro 2 Cameras.  If so, do I need a specific model base station (Smart Hub)?  Will Each camera retain its specific features for that model, and will these features be available on the app?  In other words, will it all work as designed?

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Re: Base Station / Camera Connection

HI @PawPawTrucker


The Arlo Cameras, Arlo Pro Cameras, Arlo Pro 2 Cameras will work on the Arlo smart hub as well as a base station. The Ultra camera is currently not backwards compatible with the previous base stations. The cameras features will work with ether base station or smart hub. The Ultra camera is the only cam with 4k capabilities & added features specific to that camera. I have provided a link here - What are the features and specifications of the Arlo Ultra camera?

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