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Arlo Pro Cameras & Base Show Ofline After Power Outage

I have done all research on earlier discussions, and I have also just confirmed with a support technician from Arlo: after a power outage, though all the LEDs show up as green, Arlo app still shows the base device and all cameras as offline, AND the only reliable solution is to a) remove the base unit (and hence all of the connected cameras), and then b) re-add the base unit, and c) re-sync all the cameras one by one (having to go to each camera and pressing the "sync" button, etc.)


IMO, this is a major defect of this kind of product. I need system like this to work reliably when I'm away from home for a long period of time. If there is a power outage during that time, the system basically will no longer be working.


Because of this major defect, I'm going to return this 5-camera unit and explore other options. I'll check with Nest users to see if their system is having the same problem. If not, I'll go for Nest.

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station, VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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Arlo Pro Cameras & Base Show Ofline After Power Outage

Depending on how long you expect your power to regularly go out for, you could choose a UPS for the base station or a wifi enabled power outlet to see if a power cycle of the base brings the cameras back online. Unfortunately, if the power is out on the base for a long time, the cameras will deplete their batteries trying to reconnect to it. I guess that's the biggest issue with wireless cameras. I can't tell you if Nest will seamlessly resume functioning after power loss but since you have to run wiring for them, they're a slightly different kettle of fish. Apples and oranges if you like.

The other bonus for Arlo Pro with the base station on a UPS is that if your internet/power goes down, you'll still get recordings to the attached USB drive. Not sure which other systems have a backup feature like that

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Re: Arlo Pro Cameras & Base Show Ofline After Power Outage

The power outage issue is the only thing I do not like about my camera system. I own two homes with two base stations. I dread when the Pro 2 base station goes down because I know I am in for a two hour fight to get everything working correctly again. It appears when it comes back on line by itself after the power has failed that its field of range shrinks to a small circle. My camera in my hallway and front door will work, but anything 25 feet or more away will not. I reset modems and routers, remove the base station, readd then sync the camers. However, this is not a foolproof way to ensure that it works. Sometimes it takes several attempts before it will work properly again.


I have search the internet looking for a way to easily reconnect and have the base station and cameras come back to life without the hair pulling, but have not found one. With more than a thousand dollars invested, you would think this would not be an issue. I'm welcome to any suggestions.



Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
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Re: Arlo Pro Cameras & Base Show Ofline After Power Outage

I would strongly suggest using a UPS for your modem, router and base to keep both your Internet and Arlo working during a power outage. The size of the UPS depends on the length of the outages - I use a 750VA one that has run for a couple of hours with no problem and the math suggests an 18 hour runtime (not sure I believe that). Also, a WiFi power switch (WeMo, etc.) for the base can be useful so you can use it to power cycle the base remotely if needed.

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