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Re: Arlo Pro 2 Video Playback Glitching

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rrock Aspirant

I have the Arlo Pro 2 cameras, iPhone XS MAX with the arlo app V2.6.3 (all firmware updated). When one of my cameras detects motion, I get an alert on my phone and the motion is recorded. When I go to the Library for that day, I can see a thumbnail with the person/animal/etc that set off the camera. When I go to play the actual recording, the video starts at 0:00 but it's almost like the picture glitches to start if it were already at 0:02 into the recording.


Example: UPS driver walks up the the front door, Garage camera starts recording a few steps before he disapperas to my front porch. When I go to the library to watch the video, I can see the thumbnail of the driver but when I go to play the actual recording, the video picture already shows the driver out of frame.. Don't see how that can happen at 0:00 when the thumbnail shows the driver walking up to the house.


NOTE: When I log into my account on a computer, I can see the full video with the driver and there are no glitches. This has to be an iPhone XS MAX issue with the app right?!?

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
Guru TomMac Guru

sounds like it...

Send a note to Arlo support... the more info they get, the faster it gets fixed

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Rusty617 Tutor

Just posted the same issue, had not seen your thread before but I've got the same exact problem and it's very frustrating.  

rrock Aspirant
@Rusty617 - My wife has the new iPhone XR and it is doing the same thing. I reached out to support and they weren’t able to solve anything. Had to escalate the ticket and told me to reach back out to them in 6 days if I don’t hear a response so....