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Arlo Pro 2 Remote Constant Recording Under Solar Power

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NorthPole Aspirant

The Arlo Solar charger, does not keep up a charge on a busy distant wifi located camera. It also is only a trickle charger.  Has anyone found a full time - full power solar panel / battery combo to power an Arlo 2 a full 24/7 for constant recording ? My arlo is great for recording activity by my mailbox 100ft away from the base. But without power the battery only lasts a few days & the trickle charger doesn't help much....  With all the camping , survivalist, solar battery solutions out there, there must be a relatively small & cheap Panel battery combo that can power the Arlo as if it was plugged in Full time to facilitate full time 24/7 recording...


Many Thanks Tom...

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera