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Arlo 2 Pro communications Mic feature "failed to connect"

After the last firmware update (base station) (camera) done in late Jan2019.  When I try and use the talk mic feature in the app and on laptop and desktop computers it gives a fail to connect response.  I have updated all permissions to allow access to Mic features on phone and computers.


 Trouble shooting steps I have taken.

*Reset entire base station and cameras.

*Deleted app on phone reinstalled with all permissions as accepted

*uplugged base station for 5 minutes and plugged back in multiple times

*replaced all batteries in all cameras and charged back to 100%

*currently using andriod phone tired with apple and problem still there.

*reconnected to WIFI multiple times 

*Contacted friend who also has Arlo pro 2 system and he is also having problems

*customer service is going to try and replace camera but I think it is based on the last update not a hardware issue.


Please let me know if anyone else is having this problem or if they have found a fix.

Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
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Re: Arlo 2 Pro communications Mic feature "failed to connect"

Can this be escalated to engineering?

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Arlo Moderator

Re: Arlo 2 Pro communications Mic feature "failed to connect"

Hi @Mvwizz


Your case has been escalated to the engineering team. You may contact Customer Service anytime with your case number for further information.

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Re: Arlo 2 Pro communications Mic feature "failed to connect"

I have also not been able to connect with the MIC from my Iphone on any of my 4 cameras. I keep getting "Failed to Connect"  
This seems to be a common problem... is it being addressed as this is quite a big issue?

Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station, VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Arlo 2 Pro communications Mic feature "failed to connect"

What is a shame Shayne, is I have been calling on this for 2 weeks now to customer service and they say the same thing.  I am curious when Engineering is going to reach out or comment on this.  I know this is not a issolated issue as other customers in the local area here also experience this problem.  We have even tried deleting one of their cameras and adding that camera to our system to see if it is a hardware issue...  It is not hardware it is software related,  just not a fan of the escalating to engineering and I am on the phone now and the tech has told me this ticket is definiatly not with engineering. Smiley Sad

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