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Arlo 2 - Not Recording when I am away

I have 4 Arlo 2 cameras - Firmware, Hardware H3 and Base Firmware VMB4000r3.  


None of my cameras are not recording whenver I go away (50+ miles) from the sites.  It seems to be doing the opposite of the Geofencing.  It is highly unusual because one of the cameras point down my driveway.  When I am there, like clockwork - I get certain notifications (mailman, school bus, trash pick up, etc).  When I am away, I get none of those notifications.  I even scheduled some lanscaping work - no recordings were ever taken, but when I went Live, I could see them working. 


Then, when I return to the site, the system is operating fine and records as expected.  


I am using the default "Armed" mode.  This hasn't happened until the past 2 months.  Was there an update that impacted the system?


Thank you for your help.

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Arlo 2 - Not Recording when I am away

Just wanted to add - all my cameras are plugged into continuously.  Nothing is running on battery.  Cameras are all in a fixed mount that should not move until someone tampers with them.

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Re: Arlo 2 - Not Recording when I am away

Although it was working before what modes are selected in geofencing? Away is usually is set to Armed mode and home is normally set to disarmed or to schedule or custom mode if you have it setup.

If you go into the mode page in the App it should tell you what the current running mode is.
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Re: Arlo 2 - Not Recording when I am away

I never setup the Geofencing.  So when I select it in the app, it shows a map of where I am presently (not there).  When I hit "Next", it asks a name with "Next" grayed out until one is provided.


Should I setup a Geofence with the address for the Arlo system location?

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