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Re: Anyone seeing BlackFriday deals for the 3-pack Pro 2 cameras?

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shaolin95 Aspirant

Just hoping to get the Pro 2. After testing Pro version 1 , I feel the Pro 2 is the one for me

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
tkrpata Aspirant
Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
ShaneLee Apprentice



You'd be a fool to purchase these cameras with the state of the app now. Good luck if you do though!

shaolin95 Aspirant

Unfortunately that is the 2 pack and I am looking for the 3 pack which for some reason is not on sale 😕

shaolin95 Aspirant

So what is the "issue"? I recently used the Arlo Q and the Pro v1 and had no issues with the app..just the camera itself was not what I wanted but the Pro 2 should be based on the extra features it has.

silverado44 Luminary

Yup I jumped on the 4 pack deal 150 bucks off at Bestbuy but I got the Arlo pro not the pro 2 as I have no need for the pro 2  (I cant tell the differance in picture quality between the 2 anyway) now I have 9 cameras total on one app by granting access and by the way you can disarm both base stations on one app now as other have said that you have to log on to the other base to disarm, you dont. 


As far as the app, iam use to it now I think is great. Think about it this way if this was the app everyone started out on you would never know the differance, its all what you get use to. 

shaolin95 Aspirant

Well regarding the app, I guess it does what I need it to but I am curious why that overly dramatic comment from the previous poster lol

ShaneLee Apprentice

This is a repeat from an earlier post. Netgear broke the app in many ways. It’s been 3 weeks and they still haven’t fixed it. Given the current state, I wouldn’t recommend any one buy into this system. A couple of these problems were there before, but most were introduced in the “update” at the end of October. I guess if you want a camera, and don’t care about whether it actually functions well, then by all means. The hardware is actually ok, but the software that runs is isn’t dependable and will only serve to frustrate you at this point. While I really don’t care about the poor design, there are other things I can’t overlook. To add to this list I noticed yesterday that live video only plans now for a short amount of time. Then it reverts back to something that’s not “live”. During the day, I can play live video and end up with video that’s actually during nighttime seeming like its playing live. Also when switching in iOS portrait mode to landscape mode and then back again, the videos don’t resize properly. 


Just to name a few:

  1. Schedules don't match either the app or the web version. This has been an ongoing issue and resulting in more complex schedules as a work around for the errors. I have to have a daytime mode, and a nightime mode (basically a copy of armed mode), as well as the armed mode and run all 3 at various times. (see problem #9 -- this makes re-adding camera back to the system even more of a pain because then I must changed all these unnecessary schedules). Mobile version times go to X:59, web version goes to X:00. I never know which one to believe and if they are both accurate it causes time overlaps resulting in my cameras going into DISARMED mode every night. I mean most of the point of these security cameras is to record and detect things that might be happening, like when you are asleep.
  2. Cameras don't always respect rules (for instance, Camera A motion should make Camera A and B record - and B motion should make B and A record. Same goes for Camera C and D). This only seems to work on my custom schedule that's basically a duplicate of ARMED mode. 
  3. There's no no way to even EDIT the web version on Mac Safari -- arrows are now gone.
  4. In full screen view, Safari only dispays the to half of the image -- this would be a CSS fix Netgear still hasn't done. I can easily fix it by altering the CSS that is loading in my browser, but I have to do that everytime to get live view in full screen.
  5. I have to reboot my base station every daybecause the only wired camera I have displays an image appears scrambled at random times (started with the update). See example:
  6. Poor UX in the app. Multiple clicks just to get to the battery indicator. Web browser version, you can easily see these indicators, but you can't do much else anymore.
  7. You can't set zones and see the image at the same time. Makes it hard to get the zones in the right place. 
  8. Random events not recorded -- yet I get a notification.
  9. I have had to remove and resync 2 of my cameras twice because I would get no recordings, but get notifications. Ironically, these are the 2 cameras that are CLOSEST to the base unit.
  10. Live View is not really live view half the time - sometimes it displays static images.
  11. Those snapshots the app now updates (when it does update) are low quality images too.

I really could go on and on and problems and issues introduced late in October but it's beginning to be like a broken record. I just want them fixed, or I want to know what sort of timeline Netgear is on to fix these issue. I seems their only goal was to push out an update to incorporate new products into the app and the sacrifice of existing products and users, which I find unacceptable. 


It's beginning to be a total waste of time and energy. . I work in the online publishing industry, and we test all of our websites in multiple browsers/os combinations, and if Netgear had actually done any sort of quality control or testing, these updates would never have happened, or if they did, Netgear could just simply apologize and let users know they were working on fixes and the timeframes we might expect to see them. 


It's also not like this is a free service. I expect with all the money I have spent on this system, and the amount it costs for subscription fees, that Netgear should be more transparent about what's going on, or be held accountable. I am tired of things not working when they were working decently before the October update.

ShaneLee Apprentice

Overly dramatic mostly because I am angry i invested over $700 into this system a few months ago, plus a yearly subscription fee only to have a software update that wasn’t necessary break everything. Netgear hasn’t fixed stuff that should have been fixed by now, nor will they tell anyone what they are doing fix it or say when that might happen. At this point I am just angry.

Brenda1964_- Aspirant

check Amazon, I ordered a Black Friday deal yesterday

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
Kenstainsby Aspirant
Aspirant has two on sale:
Arlo pro 2 packages:
Base plus 6 cameras $1099 save 300. ($183ea)
Base plus 4. $999 ($249 ea)
Base plus 3. $849 ($283 ea)
Base plus 2. $367 save 82 ($183 ea)
1 pro 2 camera $279

It appears the base with either 2 or 6 cameras is best deal working out to CAD $183/camera
Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station, VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
AncientGeek Hero

@shaolin95 wrote:

Well regarding the app, I guess it does what I need it to but I am curious why that overly dramatic comment from the previous poster lol

I just purchased a 4 camera kit from Best Buy under their sale.


Agry responses are well founded in Arlo crippling their system on 10/20 with the release of V2.6.0 and though it is promised, the system is not yet fixed.  So people are understandably very angry and Arlo has been very remis in customer engagement here.


I resorted to restoring my iPad from a backup taken prior to the “downgrade” and I’ve been installing updates to all other apps manually so as to preserve my old (and better) version of the app.  I remain hopeful Arlo will fix this and the new CEO will fix the culture of non-engagement...and crazy uninformed “upgrades”. 


Also some of the Safari problems can be mitigated by using Firefox on the Mac until the Arlo software is fixed.

Nanookie Apprentice

Costco has the best price per cam at 699 for a 5-cam bundle, plus a lot of goodies in the box.

billkex Luminary

I see where Costco has an Arlo Pro 2 package on sale (5 cameras) for $699.99   Arlo Pro 2 Five package on sale

That's a smokin' deal. That's the best price I have ever seen.  Best Buy is also running a good deal too.

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera