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Can we disable the 2 step verification?

Can we disable the 2 step verification?

I prefer to choose if I need the 2 step verification on my Arlo account.  There should be a way to disable it, if and when I want to.  Thank you

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Community Manager

As part of our efforts to continually evolve and further strengthen our privacy and security practices, Arlo will now require all users to use two-step verification when logging into their Arlo account.  This new security mandate will go into effect for all users by April 18th, 2021.


While Arlo has strongly encouraged its users to enable two-step verification since its introduction, Arlo believes requiring this added layer of security is yet another measure we can take to help our users safeguard their accounts and their data.


We appreciate all of the feedback provided so far for two-step verification and will continue working on enhancing the two-step verification experience in the future.


For more information on how to set up two-step verification, please visit the following article: