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Nothing but issues

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I don’t even know where to begin. I have 2 Arlo essential spotlight cameras and they are constantly going offline and I don’t get a notification. It could be a day or two then something happens where I would like to see who was at my door but the camera is offline. I open up live view and it MIGHT go back online or I might have to reset it for some reason. 

thumbnails for both my cameras are very old, one being a picture of a couch instead of by my garage and the other is days or weeks old. 

recently got a hub to see if that would help thinking it’s my wifi but all the same issues exist. Cameras don’t seem to catch anything in activity zones even if I test them on my own it only sometimes catches something. When I leave it alone after seeming to work it will eventually just go offline and not even notify me that it’s offline and will just be doing nothing until I open the app and mess with it. 

the app is clunky and slow and sometimes just does nothing. 

activity zones are VERY old pictures of different locations and I have tried several tips online to adjust with no success. Even reset to factory setting on camera and still shows an old location. 

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The first step is to move a camera to be closer to your hub. If that improves the situation, it's something about the camera location that's the issue. The usual suspects are distance between the camera and hub, house construction (stone, brick and stucco being the worst), things on/in the walls in a straight line between the hub and camera, etc. All details about your environment would be useful.