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Randomly stops recording, stops streaming

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rex_ Tutor
I have r6 Arlo Baby with latest firmware, router is Orbi, no issue with other wifi devices.
I'm very disappointed with the stability of Arlo Baby.
I observe two frequent issues.
1. Randomly stops recording
It usually happens within 24 hours since last power-on, no motion detection recording, I use it to track baby wake up/sleep time, it's so unreliable, can't imagine if it's been used for anti-theft.
Unplug then plug the power cable temporarily fixes the issue.
2. Randomly stops streaming
I have a iPad3 (with iOS 9) dedicated to Arlo app running 7x24 in full screen.
I found the app usually crashes or return to preview and stops streaming within 24 hours since last power-on.
When I see that happens, I manually open the app again, in most cases, it shows "The streaming service is reporting that the device is not streaming", just like many other posts in this forum.
I have to go to baby room, unplug then plug the cord to fix it.
That is super annoying and keep me anxious during the night, I can't tell if my baby is OK or the camera fails to work during my sleeping.
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